Lazy Eyes or Lazy People?

What is worse you may ask yourself. Would it be a physical ailment, or simply a mental ailment? I have a friend who is a double major, college football player, decently intelligent individual. He took literally 1.5 years to even find his first job, not due to a bad economy…more so due to his lack of motivation.

There are people in this world who some would consider to be severely disadvantaged, but they don’t let it hold them back. They carry on with full time jobs, and are able to care for themselves.

Then there are the type of people whom resemble my friend. after his 1.5 years of unsuccesful “job searching,” he settled on a career as a fast food worker. The only reason he got that job was because I put my good name on the line to the owner for him. He has made it roughly 6 months, and walked out today because they asked him to go home and put his uniform on that he hadn’t been wearing in over a month.

Things like lazy eyes are one thing…however lazy people is a whole different story. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that there are people out there in this world that could be so selfish. It is ridiculous, but then again that is why we have been given free will. I guess all I can do is Stay Grindin’ until the day that I die.

To all of those who have suffered or been stuck with “set-backs” and I use that term very loosely…keep doing what you do. You may not know this, but it is much more impressive for somebody to persevere in the face of adversity…than to be praised for success that has been given to an individual. In the words of the great Jimmy V “Dont give up, dont ever give up!”



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Can having lazy eyes cause problems when driving Limos?

Let me ask you a question…have you ever had an experience where you felt that you eyes were getting heavier and heavier? Now has this ever happened while you were driving? Now quickly imagine if that were to happen to you while you were driving a big vehicle…something like a limo.

Limo drivers are notoriously known for having lazy eyes. Why is this you may ask? Some may say it is because they have so much swag. Others argue that it is because they have their whip game proper.


Regardless of the situation…we are know that Lazy eyes can be a cause of major problems. Limo wrecks are primarily caused by lazy eyed drivers. It happens so often and it is a problem that nobody is acting on. I am here to stop it.

I say that all limousine drivers need to be subjected to a test once yearly for their lazy eye conditions. We can then have them all fit for special eye glasses that correct these problems. I know I am a genius and I should patent that idea.

Anyway…lazy eyes do in fact cause problems while driving limos…and my argument is because you drive around lots of good looking girls that you can take your eyes off of. By continuously staring at the world through the rear view…this in turn causes problems…lazy eye problems. Lets do whatever we can to fix this problem.

I only see 2 ways to fix this…less hot girls, which obviously I am not in favor of. Or hire only female (preferably extremely attractive) chauffeurs. If we do this we will be preventing accidents and thus saving the world. You’re welcome world. I am the man.

I will be thus starting a limousines lazy eye sight club for all of those who simply cant get over their problems. We will bring in hotties for the correction courses.